Meet the new Flows. Taiwan brand! 認識新的 Flows. 台灣品牌!

See how we upgraded our services to the next level with Flows. 了解我們如何使用 Flows 將我們的服務升級到新的水平。
March 13, 2022
Meet the new Flows. Taiwan brand! 認識新的 Flows. 台灣品牌!

Editor X Taiwan has been around for over a few months, and we are back with an even more robust lineup of products. The new Flow's (formerly Editor X Taiwan) released multiple features to maximize the functionality for local market needs. We started as a small product with only payment solutions but now have grown to employ more people worldwide to push all products we've planned at once.

Flows. Taiwan is a SaaS platform that provides Taiwanese businesses with the necessary tools to start and grow their online presence. Taiwanese customers will enjoy a more localized shopping experience, as Flows. Taiwan offers automated shipping and invoicing following Taiwan law. Flows. Taiwan's goal is to provide the means for Taiwanese businesses to start marketing online as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality and providing them with excellent customer service along the way.

Flows. Taiwan is a part of the international company Flows., in Delaware, United States.

In this rebranding,  we have focused on developing API Developer tools. This API will allow your developers to take the functionality from Flows easily into your custom customer experience. We have also revamped our system to provide a more user-friendly experience, making it easier for your customers to complete the checkout.

We hope that you take advantage of the tools we are providing to make your business better. Our services are priced very competitively, so there are no excuses left for not getting online.

To get started, please visit our home page and choose a solution. We are looking forward to working with you!

‍Editor X Taiwan 已經存在幾個月了,我們帶著更強大的產品陣容回來了。新的 Flow(前身為 Editor X Taiwan)發布了多項功能,以最大限度地滿足本地市場的需求。我們一開始只是一個只有支付解決方案的小產品,但現在已經發展到在全球範圍內僱傭更多的人來一次性推出我們計劃的所有產品。流動。台灣是一個 SaaS 平台,為台灣企業提供必要的工具來啟動和發展其在線業務。台灣客戶將享受更加本地化的購物體驗,就像 Flows。台灣根據台灣法律提供自動運輸和發票。流動。台灣的目標是為台灣企業提供在不犧牲質量的情況下盡快開始在線營銷的手段,並在此過程中為他們提供卓越的客戶服務。流程。台灣是美國特拉華州 Flows. 國際公司的一部分。在此次品牌重塑中,我們專注於開發 API 開發人員工具。此 API 將允許您的開發人員輕鬆地將 Flows 中的功能帶入您的自定義客戶體驗中。我們還改進了我們的系統,以提供更加人性化的體驗,讓您的客戶更輕鬆地完成結賬。我們希望您利用我們提供的工具來改善您的業務。我們的服務價格極具競爭力,因此沒有理由不上網。要開始使用,請訪問我們的主頁並選擇解決方案。我們期待與您合作!